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NYSC CHRONICLES: Mixed Feelings (Farewell)

He was dismissed from her place of primary assignment because she failed to make sales in 30 days. Just like the question she asked UPFOLIO, where and how was she really going to find a customer to buy a property of 63m in one month? E shock you? E shock me. Please read on for more details on this juicy story .

Is NYSC a waste of time or nah ?

What were the biggest challenges you faced/facing at your PPA as an NYSC corp member ?

Employers are always interested in using Corps members for enormous works, and yet, not ready to pay good stipends. For instance, in Lagos here, most companies depend heavily on Corps members and they wouldn't want to pay. My former PPA, for an example, has just two staff- the Manager and Secretary. Other staff are corps members. Yet, the stipend they give to us would barely cover for transportation fare

If you could take back the hands of time what would you do differently as a Corp member ?

Only if I can turn back the hand of he clock, I wouldn’t have relocated to Lagos. I advise people to take their posting and deployment in good faith. Even if they are posted to Borno State, they shouldn’t be under pressure to leave.

What was your best camp experience ?

Yes, I met a lot of people who were so lovely, nice and very visionary

What was your worst camp experience ?

The day of my platoon Exco wrongly accused me of taking a letter on behalf of the platoon which I didn't however, the truth eventually prevailed.

Do you think the NYSC program is a waste of time ?

As for me, NYSC program has lost her original goals. And it wastes someone’s precious time.

What was/has been your worst experience at your NYSC PPA?

My worst experience in my PPA was when I was sacked at my PPA in a Real Estate Company I was being used as a Marketer. I was disengaged for not making sales in a whole month. Upfolio, where would I have seen people to buy properties worth of 68M in just a month? 😂

Were there opportunities that were available to you as a corp member, that ordinarily you wouldn’t have ? If yes kindly tell us about it/them please.

Not really

Alexa play me ‘can’t believe my eyes’ because I really can’t believe my eyes. Disengaged for not making sales in a Whole month? As a youth corper? Nah! I could not have imagined this. I bet you couldn’t as well. Anyways, we should give it up for that eye-opening read. I bet you can’t wait to see what segment III of #kopawhichway has in store for your shocksticles. Yeah right?

Don’t doze…it’s coming soon.

With all my ginger

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