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NYSC CHRONICLES: Mixed Feelings (Last but one segment)

Is NYSC truly a waste of time ?

She thinks that the NYSC program is not a waste of time. She has pretty much a point there, don’t you quite agree? Do you not wonder what other pleasant #kopafession… has that may change your mind about not showing up for your NYSC? Let’s hear from the horse’s mouth.

So, I’m just 3months in at my PPA.

What were the biggest challenges you faced/are facing at your PPA as an NYSC corp member ?

My biggest challenge has been senior colleagues undermining my abilities and my intelligence. (Those situations where they make you feel stupid). Another major challenge has been body shaming by female colleagues.

What was/has been your best experience at your PPA?

My best experience so far has been participating in the blood donation drive organized by my PPA.One other good thing is I most times get free lunch.😁

If you could take back the hands of time what would you do differently as a Corp member ?

I think for camp, that'll be relating more with people. I literally do not have a single stable friend from camp. Other aspects have been fine & I'm not sure I'll change anything.

What was your best camp experience ?

Best camp experience for me was platoon activities. I was there at the sidelines for most activities.

What was your worst camp experience ?

Night activities & soldiers forcing us to go for them when all I wanted was sleep.

Do you think the NYSC program is a waste of time ?

No, for Nigeria right now, it still gives hope to most youths. Apart from the Financial independence, there are so many opportunities tied to the scheme as it's the largest gathering of Nigerian Youths.

Were there opportunities that were available to you as a corp member, that ordinarily you wouldn’t have ? If yes kindly tell us about it/them please

None yet.

Omo, this NYSC no be beans ohh.

However, there’s good news in all of these, albeit it’s intricacies. You’ll quite agree with me that there are a thousand and one benefits as well euphoria that comes with the NYSC service year.

You must be ready to open your mind to opportunities and possibilities, making up your mind to make the most out of your NYSC Service year.

I can tell you pretty much enjoyed this last segment of the #kopawhichway séries. I’m sure you didn’t want it to finish, but, everything that has à beginning has an end. And this my dear is the end of #kopawhichway , thank you for enjoying it and see you next time beloved.

Ciaos !

With all my love

Jennifer Ugwoke

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