Is NYSC a waste of time or nah?

Just like the mixed expectations you have of the one year, mandatory NYSC service … these currently serving & ex-corpers felt it more, hmm maybe some less, don’t take my word for it. Some of their answers will help you know what to expect, and some will have you not wanting to go anywhere near that khaki, jungle boots and white.

Let’s take a look from Samuel’s perspective.

What was your best experience at your PPA?

My PPA wasn’t just like what other PPA corpers get, I was posted to a company where I would gain experience. At first; I had a challenge of acceptance. It took them almost two months before I was asked to resume work. When I started, the environment had a wide gap between their culture and work ethics, elites and those with little or no education, the blacks and the whites. To be able to blend in, it took me weeks to understand each faction and learn how to interact with them.

One of the best experiences is the regular training, it’s normally very interactive.

If you could take back the hands of time, what would you do differently as a Corp member?

I would maximize every opportunity I had in camp.

What was your best camp experience ?

The parades and new friends.😂

What was your worst camp experience?

I had a clash with my state coordinator.

Do you think the NYSC program is a waste of time ?

The NYSC program is not a waste of time to me. It’s an opportunity to learn a new culture, gain experience and meet new people. It’s also an opportunity to change your perspective about a lot of things especially when it comes to culture.

What was/has been your worst experience at your NYSC PPA?

When I started working newly, there was a power play between my line manager and HR and I was caught in the middle of it.😥

Were there opportunities that were available to you as a corp member, that ordinarily, you wouldn’t have? If yes kindly tell us about it/them, please.

For now I can’t recall any.

He was caught in the middle of a power play between his Line Manager and HR. Omg! That was intense. I can only imagine what kind of sweaty palms that must have given him.

We await more #kopafession from other corpers!

This was an interesting read wasn’t it? See you next week!


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