Career Story: Jeremiah Ajayi

In this first episode of Career Story, we speak with Jeremiah Ajayi, Content Marketer for SaaS Companies and VCs. He tells us about his experience working multiple jobs, balancing it with school and getting a job despite being rejected the first time.

  1. Read: Read a lot about the industry. Don’t just read articles. Read Classic books on content marketing. Read about 4 or 5 of them.
  2. Study your mentors: Identity those you look to in the industry and study their career paths. Go to their LinkedIn, study their trajectory. Read their tweets and blogs.
  3. Study job descriptions: Go through the job descriptions of your dream roles. Identify the skills you have, the ones you don’t, and then take courses to develop yourself.
  4. Network with your peers and mentors: This is what I call horizontal and vertical networking. Network with your peers because they are the next big thing. Network with those ahead because you need them to recommend you for specific big opportunities. Attend events and join communities where your mentors are.
  5. Build capacity for rejection: It’s simple. You would get rejected a lot.
  6. Build in public: Promote yourself, promote your work. Share your mistakes. I think that is one thing that has helped my career. While writing for BellaNaija, I shared my mistakes, and I shared my story. It made people aware of me and my skillset.



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