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Interns at Toast Creative Studios

“An exciting idea that required massive work to pull off”

That was how my brain interpreted the Upfolio Internship Program(UIP) when I heard about it.

While the program’s objective is simple– to help youths secure paid internships roles in different organizations, the process of achieving this objective didn’t appear so simple. It looked like there were just too many walls to leap over.

But thankfully, members of the UIP team are probably more optimistic than the average Nigerian, and that’s why you are reading this today.

This article is to help you understand:

  • The intent behind the UIP and what it’s all about
  • How the UIP can benefit you as a young person and
  • Guide you through the application and selection process of the program.

Suppose you want to be an intern or have applied already and are wondering why you haven’t heard from us yet. This guide is for you.

What is the Upfolio Internship Program?

The Upfolio Internship Program(UIP) is a program that seeks to provide highly motivated youths with opportunities to gain valuable work experience through a three-month-long paid internship program.

This program seeks to provide a viable solution to the “chicken and egg” situation that has haunted young persons in the early stages of their careers.

The goal of this program is to help as many young people get out of this tight race, so they can gain valuable work experience in their prospective area of interest that can serve as a foundation for their careers.

We know we can’t do this alone, so we team up with partner organizations that would take in selected interns for three months with pay.

How Would the Upfolio Internship Program Benefit You?

The program is designed to provide an enriching experience characterized by measurable on-the-job training to help interns develop the necessary technical skills needed to thrive in their chosen work industry.

It provides an opportunity for selected interns to network and build long-term relationships with industry experts and fellow interns. They would also receive stipends to encourage them to perform their roles in the host organization.

Upon completion of this internship program, participants would be able to:

  • Apply the skills they’ve learned during the internship in a workspace
  • Update their resume(CV) to prove to employers that they have measurable work experience
  • Present work deliverables and achievements to potential employers.

Eligibility Requirements for the Upfolio Internship Program

  1. This is the pilot edition of this internship program, and to ensure a fulfilling experience for the selected candidates, the program is only open to residents of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria.
  2. Applicants should ideally be undergraduate or recent graduates in the early stages of their careers.
  3. Applicants must possess some skills in their chosen field of interest.
  4. Have strong communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team.

How to Apply for the Upfolio Internship Program

Currently, we operate based on a waitlist. This waitlist requires that you fill in some information about yourself and answer questions that would help us make a sound judgment of your skills and level of desire for this opportunity. Interested applicants can join the waitlist here.

The Selection Process for the Upfolio Internship Program

Pre-interview Stage

We partner with organizations across different industries. The partner organizations are where selected applicants are placed as interns for three months.

This means the personnel needs of our partner companies would be a huge determinant of our intern choice.

After the UIP team secures a partnership with an organization, we communicate effectively with them to understand what they are looking for in a prospective intern. We use this information to filter out applicants that match this criterion.

For example, we partner with a design company, and their needs include a junior design intern who stays in Ibadan. We go back to our waitlist, use this requirement to filter through the list, and come up with a shortlist which includes as many people that meet these requirements.

Applicants that meet the required criteria are then notified and scheduled for an interview.

Interview stage

Every applicant that makes the shortlist is interviewed by the UIP team and representatives from the partner organizations where we are looking to place interns. This interview is supposed to help the UIP team, and the partner organization gain more insights into who is better suited for the internship role, focusing on skill level and work values.

After the interview, the UIP team and partner organization take some time to deliberate on who best fits the intern role.

A decision is made, and a mail is sent to the selected applicant(s) to inform them they’ve been chosen as an intern at a particular organization.

Orientation/Training Stage

Once the successful applicant accepts the internship offer, they are to take compulsory orientation training to help them get familiar with soft skills and other interpersonal attributes they would need in their new workplace. Now the focus is less on the technical skills they require but more on the people skills and learning about work values.

After completing this training, the intern is placed in the partner organization for three months. During this period, constant follow-ups will be made by the UIP team each month to know how well the intern is handling the responsibilities in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) about the Upfolio Internship Program

How many times can I apply for this internship program?

Once. Multiple applications would be considered void.

Who pays the interns during their internship period?

Our partner organization pays the interns for the three months.

Is the internship remote or physical?

The nature of the internship is entirely down to our partner organizations.

There you have it. That’s the behind-the-scenes process that goes into the beautiful announcement pictures you see on our social media.

So far, we’ve partnered with Toast Creative Studios and Pottv Media in Ibadan and placed three interns in these organizations.

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Jesutofunmi from UPFOLIO.




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