NYSC CHRONICLES: Mixed Feelings (Last but one segment)

Is NYSC truly a waste of time ?

She thinks that the NYSC program is not a waste of time. She has pretty much a point there, don’t you quite agree? Do you not wonder what other pleasant #kopafession… has that may…

Have you been hearing about the ever jiggy, gingerly Inumidun of UPFOLIO ?

Yes! I know that five out of seven people reading this, have, at one point felt Inu’s ginger especially in the community mails . Now is the time to know more about the ginger mama herself. …

NYSC CHRONICLES: Mixed Feelings (Farewell)

He was dismissed from her place of primary assignment because she failed to make sales in 30 days. Just like the question she asked UPFOLIO, where and how was she really going to find a customer to buy a property of 63m in one month…

NYSC CHRONICLES: Mixed Feelings (segment II )

Is NYSC a waste of time or Nah?

If you came here from Instagram let me hear you say hey-hey! If you came here from the previous segment of #kopawhichway let me see your hands ✋inna di ear (air). Hey! watch the ceiling…


By the end of this article, you would have found a way to leave NYSC with enough money to flex, if you'd like to know how to do so, the journey starts here;

A reporter once asked me what my NYSC experience was like, here…


Is NYSC a waste of time or nah?

Just like the mixed expectations you have of the one year, mandatory NYSC service … these currently serving & ex-corpers felt it more, hmm maybe some less, don’t take my word for it. …


Volunteer work is a valuable way to show that you have relevant on-the-job experience since it bears good semblance to the work environment of a full-time job.

Even though volunteer work is unpaid, it is just as valuable as paid…

We are starting a #MeetTheTeam Series and for this week, we decided to put our Founder on the spot.

It was very insightful and apparently, she has an unpopular food opinion that might raise some eyebrows.

“Ideally, your résumé should not be more than a page so to be frank…


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